Joe Duffle

Presidents Report - Winter 2021/2022

A time for hope,gratitude and solidarity

We’re entering our second holiday season during the pandemic, and while our circumstances aren’t as chaotic as they were a year and a half ago, our members still have plenty to deal with.
It’s no secret that the American worker has gotten the short end of the stick over the past 40 years. Wages have been relatively stagnant even as stockholders and corporate executives have gotten rich thanks to several waves of tax cuts favoring the wealthy. At the same time, a precipitous decline in union membership since the 1980s has left many workers powerless to demand their fair share of the profits they help make for their corporate employers.
Fortunately, members of UFCW Local 1167 and other labor organizations are not in this sad situation. They have a strong union that stands up for their rights at the workplace and negotiates contracts with the best wages, benefits and working conditions in the industries we serve.
A job with a local 1167 contract is still worth getting – and keeping.
This is not to say we can’t do better. Even before COVID, we had to work in tough circumstances to make a better living for ourselves. But now, in a time when workers have the upper hand, we have the potential to achieve more.
In the coming year, this union and our UFCW allies will be negotiating new contracts with the major supermarket employers in Southern California. We will be standing arm-in-arm to get the wages and benefits you earn and deserve.
The employers know you have served them well through the pandemic, working at great risk to yourselves and your families during a time of disease, stress and social uproar. Your hard work and dedication on the front lines were crucial to their making huge profits.
They need you. It’s time to get what you need from them.

Strength through diversity

In the coming months we will be calling on you to stand together for a better life for yourselves, your coworkers and your families. Please be prepared to answer the call.
To reach our goals, we all need to engage more workers in more locations, more companies and more industries.
Our team of UFCW organizers has been up to the task, bringing workers at two new CVS stores into the union in recent months. Local 1167 now has more than 500 members in the cannabis industry. More organizing successes are surely to come.
While our core industries remain in the food and drug sectors, we will continue seeking greater strength through diversity. We will do whatever it takes to become even more of a multidimensional force for worker empowerment.

Grateful to staff and members

We are also committed to serving our members at the workplace. As we report on page 7 of this magazine, this union has won more than $365,000 in restored back pay for members through 674 grievance actions as of this writing. More than 250 members have been reinstated to their jobs.
In this season of thanksgiving, let’s be grateful for our UFCW Local 1167 staff. Let’s also be grateful for you, the members, who unite in solidarity for the betterment of us all.

On behalf of everyone at UFCW Local 1167, I wish you a happy holiday season and a new year filled with promise and hope.

UFCW LOCAl 1167 President
Joe Duffle

(909) 877-5000 ext 150