Joe Duffle

Presidents Report - Summer 2022

Achievements worth celebrating

´╗┐In this issue of Desert Edge, we celebrate the historic advancements contained in the supermarket contracts that were ratified recently by our members.
Negotiating these agreements wasn’t easy. When bargaining began last
December, the two sides were far apart, with the employers offering meager
improvements in wages. On top of that, some of the chains acted in ways that compelled us to come to the members and ask for authorization to call an
Unfair Labor Practices strike, should that step become necessary to reach a fair contract.
Fortunately, a strike was not necessary, as the employers backed down and began negotiating in earnest.

Throughout the process, the members of Local 1167 and our six allied UFCW unions in Southern California kept up the pressure by showing up at rallies, circulating petitions and speaking up on social media. In the final stretch, we bargained for weeks and many hours straight with the supermarket companies to bring an acceptable deal to the membership.
Perhaps “acceptable” is an understatement. I’ve been a member of this local union since 1985 and I’ve never seen wage increases like those we’ve achieved in these contracts. For some of our members, these increases add up to 27% over the course of three years. To provide perspective, in some years we were happy to get 1 or 2%.
This year, we went after dollars in wage improvements, not cents, because you deserved it through your dedication and sacrifice. Everyone in the community knew it. The employers knew it too, though we had to remind them several times.

Here are some other highlights of what we were able to achieve:

The improvements we made at the bargaining table bring the membership closer together, adding strength to our union, and raising the bar for future contracts.
All this was possible because of the courage and commitment of our members over the past two years.

You made it known that this contract had to be about fairness for essential workers. And you succeeded.

UFCW LOCAl 1167 President
Joe Duffle

(909) 877-5000 ext 150